Rifle Barrels

True-Flite rifle barrels are manufactured with custom built machinery designed to produce the highest quality product. Our gundrills, bore reamers and rifling buttons are made in the USA by companies acknowledged as the best in the business.


Prices are listed in New Zealand dollars. For easy conversion to any foreign currency, refer to one of the many currency conversion websites.

New Zealand customers please add 15% GST.

Worldwide Agents

All True-Flite agents are selected for their knowledge and expertise in the field of rifle accuracy. To protect our reputation, we do not hand out barrels to unqualified people who may not get the best results from our products.


In the following pages you will find all the information you need to obtain the very best rifle barrels, gunsmithing services and accessories. Although True-Flite NZ Ltd is a relatively small operation by world standards, we manufacture and supply products that equal or exceed the reputation of any other brand on the planet. The True-Flite network of reputable gunsmith/dealers assures every customer of total satisfaction, whatever their requirement. As a preliminary guide, products and services we offer in the following pages are:

  • True-Flite Ultra-Match and Premium Grade Rifle barrel.
  • Full accuracy gunsmithing services for hunting, varminting and all target disciplines.
  • Supply and installation of accessories such as quality optics, mount systems and suppressors.
  • Analysis and advice regarding firearm accuracy problems ( by inspection and report only; no e-mail or phone service is available ).

All the best for , and welcome to True-Flite NZ ltd.

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