Rifle Barrels

Total Dedication to Quality and Customer Satisfaction.

True-Flite rifle barrels are manufactured with custom built machinery designed to produce the highest quality product. Our gundrills, bore reamers and rifling buttons are made in the USA by companies acknowledged as the best in the business. Combined with our own system of micro-honing, this technology results in extremely straight, round bores and a very fine surface finish. True-Flite barrels are stress relieved at least twice in a Brainchild BTC-9300 microprocessor-controlled furnace to ensure dimensional integrity. No True-Flite barrel ever requires straightening.


We exclusively use USA-made special ordnance grade low sulphur, ultrasonically scanned 416R in the manufacture of stainless steel True-Flite barrels. We do not use potentially unsafe grades of 416 steel made in Taiwan, Italy, France or elsewhere. Your safety is our primary concern. Our 416R machines very well thus allowing superior surface finish and uniform dimensions. The average 12 1/2% chromium/nickel content improves resistance to corrosion and extends barrel life. Important: a "Certificate of Tests" from our steel supplier is available on request with the purchase of your True-Flite barrel. If other barrel suppliers will not supply a "CoT", be extremely wary of the steel quality. Below is a chemical analysis of a typical batch of 416R used in our barrels ( in this case steel batch number 17 ):

Carbon 0.11    Manganese 0.36   Silicon 0.39    Phosphorous 0.017    Sulphur 0.10   Chromium 12.26    Nickel 0.38    Molybdenum 0.36    Balance Iron.

Numbers shown are percentage points e.g. Sulphur 0.10 indicates a sulphur content of one tenth of one percent ( not ten percent ).
"Chrome-Moly" rifle barrels are made to special order using either 4140 or Bohler M200 steel, depending on availability.

Special notes on Barrel Steels

Barrel life: There is a widespread belief that barrels made from 416R steel have a longer working life than those made from chrome-moly steels such as 4140 or M200. Our findings indicate that this is not necessarily the case with barrels that are maintained correctly and not subject to corrosion. For a similar hardness and level of non-metallics, we find that the various alloys survive the same level of punishment. So why choose 416R? Primarily, 416R machines better than its carbon-steel buddies and this makes for better dimensional tolerances i.e. it's easier to make an accurate barrel. Secondly, 416R has an improved level of corrosion resistance, which leads us to.......

Corrosion Resistance: 416R is a "rust-resisting" steel alloy, not "rust-proof". This means that 416R will rust in certain conditions, such as the salty ocean atmospheres which we experience throughout much of coastal New Zealand. Many Kiwi hunters have experienced shock and dismay upon discovering orange broccoli growing on ( and inside ) their "stainless" rifles in places such as Stewart Island. 99% of shooters buy stainless guns because they believe that they will NEVER have to clean them and laziness just feels SO GOOD. This is fantastic news for barrelmakers; I will let you guess why.

Rifling Process

True-Flite barrels are rifled by the pulled-button method. During the rifling process the blank is turned at exactly the same rotation rate as the rifling twist to ensure a high rate of twist integrity. The end result is a barrel with smooth working surfaces and an extremely consistent twist rate as proven in tests by Photronics Electronic Rifling Twist Measurement Systems ( USA ). Our rifling buttons are Titanium-Nitride coated to reduce friction and impart the best possible finish to the bore.  All True-Flite barrels feature "Angled Land" rifling form to assist gas seal and reduce bullet jacket stress.

Above: TiN coated rifling buttons:L-R .224 x 1-12", .30 x 1-13", .50 x 1-15".


Ultra-Match (UM) barrels are the first choice for serious match-winning performance. Our U-M barrels have been used to win major competitions in the USA, UK, Australia and New Zealand, including many national and state championships. "Ultra-Match" means absolute attention to quality control by application of the best tools and processes to the best material. Our agent-gunsmiths are selected to provide advice and services to complement our Ultra-Match standards. Ultra-Match barrels are honed to a super-fine finish before rifling to qualify the bore and equalise the surface finish.    

Premium Target (PT). This is our recommended grade for varmint hunters and target shooters who are seeking top performance at a moderate price level. "PT" barrels are machined with reserved tools and have an improved bore finish to reduce fouling over longer strings of fire. 2006 Commonwealth Games Gold Medallist Bruce Scott used a PT 1-13" at the "shorts" with considerable success.                                                                              

Premium Suppressor (PS). Available in .30 calibre 1-8" twist and .338 calibre 1-9" twist in lengths 15" to 17" only. Accuracy from these barrels with suppressors fitted has been outstanding, equalling match standards. Needless to say, best results are achieved with heavy bullets.                                               

Premium Sporter Grade barrels are the right choice for hunting applications where a reliable high level of accuracy is desired. You may find that performance of our premium grade barrels equals or exceeds that of other brands' match grade. Unless shooters are seeking the ultimate in specialised match rifle accuracy, we recommend our premium grade for total satisfaction.


We operate a custom barrelmaking shop which focuses on innovation and quality. We have absolutely no interest in producing barrels of inferior quality and low performance. Making quality rifle barrels is a matter of personal judgement and integrity and no shooter will ever receive a True-Flite barrel that we would not be proud to use ourselves.
In the event of a warranty claim, ensure that all other possible reasons for poor rifle performance have been thoroughly investigated as it is extremely rare for the barrel to be at fault. The complete rifle must be returned to the original agent or True-Flite Ltd for examination. If our tests prove a fault with the barrel, a replacement barrel will be supplied and a reasonable reimbursement made to cover gunsmithing and freight costs.

Always use a gunsmith of proven ability and results from your True-Flite rifle barrel will exceed your expectations.