Barrel Contours


Our basic Sporter contour is similar in style to Ruger 77 and can be supplied in an almost infinite options of contours from Lightweight through to Extra-Heavy Varmint. The list below is a guide to the most popular of our standard contours. Please note that minor variations may apply to the stated dimensions.

Contour A B C D E
Lightweight up to 1.20" up to 2.50" .72" up to 22" .55"
No. 1 up to 1.20" up to 2.50" .76" up to 24" .60
No. 2 up to 1.23" up to 3.00" .79" up to 26" .62
No. 3 up to 1.23" up to 3.00" .82" up to 26" .65"
No. 4 up to 1.23" up to 3.00" .87" up to 26" .70"
No. 5 up to 1.23" up to 3.00" .92" up to 28" .75"
Varmint up to 1.23" up to 4.00" 1.00" up to 28" .87"


NRA/Palma 1.23" up to 4.00" .90" up to 32" .83"
Match Rifle 1.23" up to 4.00" .91" 32" .84"
Heavy Palma 1.23" up to 5.00" .98" up to 34" .90"
F-Class 1.23" up to 6.00" 1.05" up to 34" .95"
Light Str/Taper 1.23" up to 6.00"   up to 34" .85"
Heavy Str/taper 1.23" up to 8.00"   up to 34" .95"
Benchrest..........Please specify for weight class
50 Calibre 1.75" up to 10.00"   up to 34"  


We can copy any barrel that can be delivered to our shop, plus we have a stock of most common factory sporter contour patterns such as Remington 700, Ruger 77, BSA, Brno, Sako, Tikka etc. If you want a longer barrel than the original item, there will be a small extra set-up charge involved. The best idea is to check with us for availability of your desired contour. We may not have templates for more recent  rifle models but if you have the barrel available, we can copy it.


We can supply any of the popular AR-15 standard or match contours. Just send us details via e-mail or fax for a prompt response.


Many shooters request very heavy barrel contours in the hope of achieving "easy" accuracy. Whilst this may work out ok in most applications, some actions cannot handle the severe stresses of high-weight barrels. Typical examples are Mauser 96 and 98 and to some degree Winchester model 70, Ruger model 77 and other brands which feature relatively short barrel shanks and substantial ejector ports and magazine wells. We suggest that you limit these actions to a maximum of a medium varmint weight barrel for satisfactory results, or be prepared for early admission to   a psychiatric institution. Barrels do not have to be monsters to deliver fine  accuracy; light to medium weight barrels can be tack-drivers if you are prepared to spend  some time testing various factory loads or preferably tuning a handload to the  unique vibration pattern of your barrel. In the case of factory-made rifles, you will probably find greater accuracy gains are achieved from an action "accurise" and professional bedding job than from simply screwing in a heavier barrel. And    bear in mind that even though modern rifle scopes are better than ever, they remain a  major cause of seemingly inexplicable accuracy problems.
Famous brands are not exempt!