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Ultra Match barrels, calibres .20 to .338 up to 30" $595.00
Ultra Match Special "Match Rifle" 32" calibres .223 up to .338 $645.00
Ultra Match 34", calibres 6.5mm, 7mm, .30, .338 $685.00
Premium Target Grade .50 calibre (.50 BMG) 1-15" twist, 24" to 34" $875.00
Premium Target .224 to .338 cal up to 30" $511.00
Premium Target .224 to .338 at 32" $545.00
Premium Suppressor .30 cal x 1-8",.338 cal x 1-9", 15"-17" $370.00
Ruger 10/22 Target barrels $440.00
These Ruger 10/22 barrels are 0.920" diameter parallel, and 16.5" long. we have used a Bentz chamber reamer.
AR-15 barrels, .224 or 6.8mm cal, choose any twist or contour: CALL OR E-MAIL
Barrel Fluting,  6 x  5/16" flutes per barrel, $246.00
Chamber, crown and fit for all grades (bolt actions only) from $278.00
.50 cal M2 chamber, crown and fit $350.00
Pre-chamber barrel (refer to list under chamberings) $100.00
Supply and fit M16 styled extractor From $200.00
Pillar method front and rear up to $339.00
(Terminal Ballistics Bedding compound used)
"Accurise"..True Receiver face, re-cut Tenon Thread, and internal lugs to the Bolt race-way axis, and re-cut Bolt face, and bolt lugs true to Bolt axis $250.00
Copy original contour or specially requested non-standard contours $35 to $70.00
Extractor cut-out (BSA, P14 etc) $50.00
True-Flite S/S Muzzle Brake, side ports for minimum ground disturbance $352.00
Fitting $80
Super-Mag .50 cal M2 muzzle brake, side-port only, minimum 30mm diameter.$430.00( this will save you from a very nasty "event" ).
Model P ( 223, 308 and Magnum bolt faces available), with match trigger $P.O.A
Model PL ( 308, Magnum and Lapua Magnum boltfaces), w/match trigger $P.O.A
Model S ( 223, PPC and 308 bolt faces ), trigger not included $P.O.A
Model SM same as above except box fed $P.O.A
Model T ( 308, Magnum bolt faces ), trigger not included $P.O.A
Model GP for .50 calibre M2. $P.O.A
(Magnum bolt face accepts "standard" magnums such as 300 Win Mag and also the short magnums such as 7mm Rem Short Ultra Magnum and 300 Win Short Magnum)
Please note: Due to overseas agency agreements we supply Barnard Precision actions to the N.Z. domestic market only.