During the working year we find some time to offer accuracy gunsmithing services to customers who are seeking the ultimate in target, varmint or long-range big game hunting rifles. As a general guide, our services cover three scenarios: rebarreling and and enhancing the potential of factory rifles; building extreme-accuracy varmint and big-game hunting rifles based on factory or custom actions; and complete "from scratch" construction of match rifles based on Barnard custom actions and covering disciplines such as NRA Target Rifle, 300 Metre UIT and F-Class.

Special aluminium bench gun built to test the superb new Barnard model PT "Super-Mag" action.
Chambered in 300 Rem Ultra Mag Match, two barrels in 1-8" and 1-10" twists both with "Invisi-Fit"
True-Flite muzzle brakes. Recoil? About the same as a 243 Win sporter. Maybe less.

For information on this action, refer to "Actions and Accessories".

We also offer a " No Bullsh "* analysis service for shooters who are having problems getting their pet to perform. Our 16-point checkover is a written report that covers every aspect of the "patient" and recommends solutions to the problems. Refer to our Price List for details.  


All gunsmithing work is carried out according to the most up-to-date accepted methods and maintained to the highest standards of accuracy. This philosophy applies equally to all jobs, regardless of application. As barrelmakers and gunsmiths, our reputation ultimately rides on the results achieved from our products and services.


Only the best tools from internationally-recognised manufacturers are used in the True-Flite shop. Heard of these? JGS, Pacific Tool and Gauge, Dave Manson, Bald Eagle, Ifanger, Kojex, SGS, Star Cutter, Eldorado...
We use only the finest HSS chambering reamers and carbide threading tools for the  best possible results.  Our chambering reamers utilise custom-fit push-on pilots as we believe that rotating pilots allow too much "play". All tools are held by the most accurate toolholders and collet sytems that we can buy.

A small collection of our wide range of high-accuracy and
tooling used for gunsmithing tasks in the
True-Flite shop.

About NZ$10,000 worth on one handy rack!

Please note that we do not undertake general gun repairs nor do we work on shotguns, handguns or airguns. We restrict our attention to rifle work as below:

  • Accuracy fault analysis and correction.
  • Rebarreling in Ultra-Match, Premium Target  and Premium grade barrels.
  • "Accurising" of factory and custom actions and complete rifles.
  • Building of high-accuracy target and hunting rifles (as time allows).
  • Supplying and fitting of quality optics, mounts and suppressors.