Actions and Accessories


We believe without exception that Barnard target actions are the world's finest; by design, materials and accuracy of manufacture they are unmatched. We have worked with significant numbers of Barnards and we have yet to see one that needed blueprinting. In other words, you get a perfectly accurate product every time. A major design feature that we admire is the "twin shoulder" system whereby the barrel shank locks up on the forward receiver face as well as an inner receiver ring. This makes for an extremely rigid setup which loads the tenon threads evenly and prevents movement during firing.  Another excellent feature is the immensely strong three locking lug design which allows for minimum bolt rotation and suppresses shot-to-shot dispersion with arsenal-loaded ammunition. Additional to these features, two of the most popular models are supplied with a match-grade trigger which is equal to any we have tried. Striker locktimes are rapid and bolt assemblies can be field stripped without tools for inspection and servicing. All models are equipped with Sako-style extractors for maximum reliability. These actions are a gunsmith's dream; we love working with Barnard actions simply because a quality barrel installation will work every time.

Models and Specifications (from smallest to largest).

Barnard Precision's Model S is compatible with Rem 700 stocks and triggers, yet has all the features of the larger Barnard actions. The new model SM includes a HS Precision magazine assembly. Trigger is optional extra.

Model S features:

  • Triple-Lug 20mm diameter bolt
  • Sako-type extractor
  • Action lengths to suit from 223 Rem to 30-06
  • 25mm (0.984") long x 1.062" x 16 t.p.i. threaded barrel shank
  • Compatible with Remington 700 stocks and triggers.

Models P and PL stem from the original Barnard design that has become a legend for accuracy and reliability. Both models include the Barnard three-lever match trigger, con-vertible to single or double pressure.

Model P/PL features:

  • Triple-lug bolt: 22mm model P, 24mm model PL
  • Sako-type extractor
  • Action lengths: model P suits 223 Rem to Standard Magnums, model PL suits 308 Win to 338 Lapua Mag
  • 26mm long x 16 t.p.i. threaded barrel shank: 1.062" model P, 1.125" model PL
  • Both models include Barnard match trigger.

Options for PL actions: See below

The superb new Barnard Model PT "Supermagnum" action, designed for the new long series Ultra Magnum cartridges such as 300 Remington Ultra Mag (see specs below). On top is the True-Flite-designed 17 m.o.a. steel Weaver-type base for F-Class and 600/1000 Benchrest.

Model T Features:

  • Triple-Lug 22mm diameter bolt
  • Sako-type extractor
  • Extra-large loading port for long-series magnums
  • 8mm thick high strength double-pin recoil lug
  • 38mm    (1 1/2") long 1.062" x 16 t.p.i. threaded barrel shank
  • Fluted bolt body
  • Plunger or blade type ejectors.

The mighty Barnard GP .50 calibre action is shown at top compared to a model P. This action is basically a scaled-up version of the P/Pl design and has inherited the same superb quality and finish.

Model GP features:

  • Triple-lug 34mm diameter bolt 
  • Sako-type extractor
  • 1.670" long x 1.50" diameter x 12 t.p.i. barrel shank thread
  • 315mm long, weight 3.70kg
  • Includes Barnard 3-lever match trigger
  • Four 8mm action take-down screws
  • Six 5mm scope mount base screw holes.

Model PL boltface bushing allows the use of all cartridge head sizes from .472" (e.g. 6mmBR and 308 Win ) to .587" ( 338 Lapua Magnum ), simply by inserting or removing the bushing and changing extractors. This option makes the model PL the most versatile of the Barnard actions for target and long-range hunting applications.